Why giveaway a bathroom scale & food scale? In 2018 when I was at my highest weight of 277 LB, I walked into a Target and purchased a bathroom scale. I hadn’t fully committed to the idea that I could lose A SINGLE pound, but I was tired of feeling ashamed of my reflection but doing very little to change it.

When I stepped on the scale for the first time and seen the numbers, I was both disappointed & invigorated. Months later after making minimal changes to my diet & exercise routine, I started seeing the numbers slowly creep down. I became inspired to do more and purchased a food scale. 

You see, those two purchases, without even having a solid plan created the momentum I needed to just keep going. I’m hoping, those two items + $50 visa gift card (to take care of yourself of course) will do the same for you!

When you enter your name + email below you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway, good luck! 

How to enter:
1. Enter your name & email address. 
2. Follow @opalstaciewellnfit on instagram.
3. Subscribe to my channel on youtube.  
Once you complete the above, comment ANY of my posts with “done.” 

If you tag a friend, I’ll count it as a second entry & double your chances.  

Thanks, good luck!

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