In this pandemic, finding a killer home workout is a necessity. With the covid-19 cases ramping up and wreaking havoc on all of our most loved past times, the gym is not a place anyone wants to be right now. 

Not only that, the enforced mask policy makes it real hard to get a cardio session in without feeling like you’re about to pass the hell out. Trust me, I’ve tried. Mask with cardio is just not gonna work.

I’m proof that you do not need a gym membership to be successful at weight loss as I am 71 pounds down and have yet to join a gym.

To be really honest, I’d choose these next 6 low impact beginner friendly home workouts over the gym ANY DAY, during any season. Down  I utilized each and every one of the below low impact, beginner friendly workouts and I hope you get into some of them soon.

WHO Should Choose Low Impact & Beginner Friendly Home Workouts?

The kind of person who would choose a low impact beginner friendly workout is as follows:

  • anyone who is a current couch potato or mostly inactive.
  • someone who is recovering from an injury.
  • a newly postpartum woman wanting to just get moving.
  • someone who wants to workout but does not want it to be exhausting (me, this is me).

I am the biggest advocate for easing into fitness. I like my at home workouts to be just as easy, lazy and effective as I am.

When I began the journey, I knew I wanted to get fit but I also knew that I did not want to compromise my time and my joints.

WHY Choose Low Impact & Beginner Friendly Home Workouts?

Because it’s effective, periodt.

There is a HUGE myth about losing weight that I hope to do a lot of work destroying. Some people still believe that you need to be killing shit in the gym to see significant weight loss. That’s cute, but it’s WRONG!

In the very beginning, it’s best to put more focus on controlling intake & building consistency. Science has proven over and over again that you really ONLY need to create a caloric deficit to lose weight. You don’t necessarily need to workout.

BUT working out has an endless list of benefits besides aiding in weight loss. I’d argue that working out in conjunction with balanced eating will render MORE weight loss than caloric deficit alone. BUT, you will never ever outwork poor diet–those are facts boo.

Which is why I would prefer you smash your nutrition goals + get moving (even a little) than staying sedentary.

Why I Love Low Impact & Beginner Friendly Home Workouts 

Low impact beginner friendly home workouts are extremely beneficial as they 1. get you moving, 2. help you to get into the mindset of fitness & 3. will burn fat and facilitate weight loss.

Weight loss is a huge undertaking. People underestimate the stressful nature of cutting out addictive sugars & treats our minds are used to using for endorphins. Eating well enough to create caloric deficit, which is the only way to lose weight, is already difficult. My reasoning is, adding intense gym workouts only makes the journey harder to stick to.

I love low impact workouts because they allow you to focus on the parts of weight loss that really matter like intake control and consistency. HIIT is great but not sustainable in the very beginning as it’s intensity can become intimidating over time for the new exerciser.

My Recommendations For Low Impact & Beginner Friendly Home Workouts

In the very beginning, I want you to focus on changing your diet & then easing into fitness.

Don’t start with buying a gym membership that you’ll never use.

Put more focus on your eating and you’ll go a very long way. To lose weight everything must change. The way you handle stress. The way you use food.

If you start with these low impact beginner friendly home workouts that are under 20 minutes, I promise your body will eventually get to a place where it is ready for the jumping and jogging.

For now, these low impact beginner friendly home workouts under 20 minutes are the absolute best that I have tried and still use to this day.

These are 6 of my favorite low impact beginner home workouts that you can complete in under 20 minutes. 


Nothing beats an old fashioned brisk walk. When I first started losing weight, walking around my neighborhood for 30 minutes or more at a brisk pace was all I did for physical activity. And I lost 25 pounds in under 3 months.

A walk in nature is soothing. A 30 minute walk around your local park (after quarantine is over–of course) or a few minutes on a treadmill if you must.

When you are getting ready to head out for a walk, check out my two favorite walking companions.

Running To Lose Weight App

If you are following me on instagram @opalstaciewellnfit then you know that I STILL walk/run at least 4 times per week. This is the app I use to help me build stamina for running. It can start as slow as you need it to be and then it gradually gets you up to running for longer.

This is my favorite interval run app, and the only one that I use. And, it’s free. 

apple download:
android download: tbd

Shelah Marie Meditation Mixtape (Audio)

This is not an app. This is a meditation album created by Ace Hood’s wife Shelah Marie.

What are you going to do with a meditation mixtape? Work on your MIND while working on your body.

Shelah Marie’s voice is the soothing companion you didn’t know you needed. The infinite knowledge she possesses on self actualization is immeasurable. 

I especially love her tracks Serious Daydreaming and the Protective Prayer, while on a light jog–these will keep you going.

I included Shelah Marie’s Meditation Mixtape audio because fitness is a mental transformation as much as it will be physical. It’s difficult to transition when you aren’t aware of your ability to do so.

Shelah Marie’s Meditation Mixtape will tap into the strength you possess for weight loss. It’s a transformational combination that I recommend.


apple download:
android download:


Only the lord knows how much I enjoy these videos. I’ve done a couple of these workouts at home and let me tell you as simple as they look, boy do they work up a sweat!

I was pleasantly surprised to find these videos of Leslie Sansone and the gang performing fairly simple low impact walking exercise.

These workouts Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone are perfect for someone who wants to work up a sweat, doesn’t have a lot of time and does not want to injure themselves in the process.

This workout by Leslie Sansone is the one I began with and it’s definitely worth a go.



I loved every single minute of this workout.

Work my abs without jumping and or stretching, pulling, rowing? Yes, please. 

It’s an intense workout definitely designed to get your heart rate up and begin toning. It’s targeted towards your abs and you don’t ever have to touch the ground.

She has the timer right on screen which make it even easier to stick to and enjoy.


4.     Total Body Workout By PsycheTruth (Video)

I enjoy her videos because of her calming tone of voice. She talks to you as though you and her are truly enjoying and chatting with one another.

Her energy is inviting and the right kind of energy you need when you’re beginner at exercise.

She’s super toned & full of helpful tidbits about diet and fitness.

You’ll enjoy her.

5.     Leg & Ab Workout By Christina Carlyle (Pinterest Pin)

pin it:
direct link:

The direct link includes gifs performing the exercise so you’ll know how to perform each move.


6.   Extremely Low Impact Workout For Beginner (Pinterest Pin)

This is extremely low impact but still packs a punch. Do this one on days where you are really in a crunch for time but needing to get a workout in. I suggest downloading a self timer or interval timer and crushing these moves. 

If you do not know what the moves are for these exercises, try a quick google search with their names and BAM! You got ’em.

This set is extremely low impact but gets your heart rate up & muscles fired up!!!



That’s all she wrote folks. These are ALL workouts I actually used at some point or another during my journey. As I get more advanced I’ve begun to create my own specific strength training workouts that I hope to share with you soon. 

You can find low impact beginner home workouts, EVERY single place. I use Youtube and search “low impact home workouts.” I also use Pinterest and use the same search term. 


I’d like to know how any of these work for you. Are there other suggestions I’ve missed. Let me know in the comments.

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