Girl! I can hardly believe we are here again, end of 2019 and getting ready to go full speed into holiday season.

Publix (my local supermarket) already has their sweet potato and pumpkin pies up all up in my face–magically jumping into my cart. :)))))

Yep, it’s holiday season.

I love the holidays.

Parties with the fam. Hanging with old friends.

It doesn’t get very cold in Florida but the temperature drops to a cooler more comfortable temperature.

Holiday season becomes so comfortably cozy that a lot of us start to get comfortable with abandoning our goals.

Not you and I.

We will remain committed, no matter how loud them pies beg and plead to jump in that shopping cart, we won’t allow it!

I plan to be 110% committed to my goals all the while still enjoying sweet treats, and season favorites.

That sounds like an oxymoron. Enjoying holidays + sticking to weight loss goals, shiiiiet.

It can be done, and it shall.

I have very little room for error and here is how you and I will succeed.

How to stay committed to weight loss goals during holiday:
1. keep track of your intake.
2. don’t waste your calories by drinking them.
3. utilize the power in fiber.
4. keep to business as usual.

1. keep counting and weighing food, be prepared

First of all, I’m not depriving myself of all the holiday goodies. Not even in the least bit.

But preparation is key.

Not only am I going to continue counting ALL calories, I am going to come super prepared to eat within my caloric limits.

This means, that when feasible I’ll be whipping out my food scale to determine the actual serving size, oh yeah!

I’m not allowing myself to “guess” how much I am consuming. The more I know the better.

In short, I will WEIGH my all of my servings and put the result into my handy dandy calorie counting app.

I will look absolutely crazy but it will be worth it.

Counting calories will serve as a “stop sign.” It will tell us, when we have had enough and need to slow down and/or stop.

This seems obsessive, I know but it will be an absolute necessity.

2. drinking of any kind is highly discouraged, if not restricted.

Honestly, I prefer water.

Secondly, I have a histamine intolerance which makes it super hard to drink alcoholic beverages without experiencing agonizing symptoms the next morning.

But, the holidays can reaaaaalllllllly change a person.

It can be so very stressful hanging out around free folk drinking and nibbling everything in sight.

Soda, beer, juice, mixed drinks are empty calories. They do nothing to fuel your body or provide a feeling of satiety.

Drinking empty calories is an unnecessary hindrance to our fitness goals.

It’s either you gon’ eat or drink, but you cannot have both, periodt.

3. re-stocking my favorite fiber supplement

Fiber is my actual secret weapon, second to water.

It’s so important to feel full when surrounded by tons of appealing foods.

I’ve been using fiber supplements as a way to help me control overeating and it is vital to my ability to avoiding temptation.

I’ve used many different kinds but none compare to Glucomannan. When taken correctly Glucomannan will most certainly provide a feeling of satiety, regardless of how little you’ve consumed.

We need satiety during the holidays.

Satiety tells our bodies to stop eating when our eyes are fixated on all the goodness in front of us.

Jamaicans have a saying, “your eyes too big!”

This just means that your eyes are far bigger than your belly. Close those eyes!

4. we need to keep it business as usual

Do not stop drinking your water.

Do not stop working out.

Do not stop investing your time in forums, and places where your fitness inspirations hang out.

Keep tracking, keep documenting, keep holding yourself accountable.

Yes, we are in the “holiday mood” but we must remain focused.

We do not practice deprivation, but we have to indulge within our limits.

What i’ll do exactly? I’m going to save 400-500 calories for indulging when I know I’m going to be surrounded by festivities. But again, I’ll close my eyes and remember my goals.

We want to enjoy ourselves and not feel deprived but also we do not want to veer so off track that we are losing the same 20 LB in January.

We cannot avoid holiday gatherings and goodies, as this is not realistic but we certainly can enjoy holiday favorites within reason.

How about you? What else can we add to this list?

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