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MOTIVATIONAL Weight Loss Memoir


In My Side Of The Fat Ass Story Opal engulfs you into her journey of once of lulling sorrows in the bottom of ice cream tubs to pounding it out on the pavement that will get you motivated to start your own weight loss journey.

To the moment when the cutest boy in 5th grade was rumored to have a crush on Opal, but instead crushed her heart to the bullies that picked on her in elementary school for being the last one around the track–Opal details the real life story of weight release that you need to get you going.

You will get a close look at how Opal overcomes depression, unworthiness, and shame from being overweight as a child–to using hard earned body acceptance to build a platform that inspires thousands as a digital influencer.

Opal digs deep, unraveling the complexities of an overweight childhood and the downward spiral that followed as a marijuana addicted, promiscuous teen. She’s overcome obesity, twice before, an abusive ex-boyfriend, the death of a parent and now she’ll inspire you to create your own path toward self acceptance and the eventual weight release that follows.

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A quick and easy to read 30 page e-book designed to inspire you to get started with your weight loss goals.

This is not a meal plan or a workout plan.

This is a narrative style mini-memoir.


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